- Who are we?
We are inclusive. We are a big part of your support system.
You are: any race, any religion, any gender and any sexual orientation.
Haven House Sober Living was founded for people seeking freedom from drug and alcohol addiction within a safe, supportive, clean and sober community. We stand apart from other sober living residences in our commitment to succeeding together at that which we cannot do alone.

- Where are we?

Haven House is made up of 2 separate living complexes. Each is unique in its environment, but identical in philosophy - to live together responsibly and respectfully in harmony within the greater community. Located 1 mile from downtown Long Beach and minutes from Belmont Shores is a multi-unit complex for men, women and LGBT residents. Located in the beautiful Alamitos Beach area is a 4-bedroom/2 bath Craftsman home, a park-like backyard and separate multiplex. Residents enjoy a serene environment in front of a cozy living room fireplace, cooking in the beautifully remodeled kitchen or lounging under the covered patio with nearby fountain and meandering walkways. Click here to get Map.

- How do I get in?

For those who have a desire to stay sober and clean, read and complete the lodging application and schedule an interview with our general manager. Lodging fee is required in advance of moving in – there is no first or last month's lodging fee or security deposit. The only thing required is your first month's lodging fee.

- What is expected of me once I am there?

Recovery is our first priority. If you don't stay clean and sober, you don't stay - it’s that simple. Beyond that,
1) Actively maintain and participate in a 12-step based recovery program by attending weekly meetings.
2) Maintain a sponsor/sponsee relationship.
3) Submit to random drug testing.
4) Remain current with monthly lodging fee.
5) We expect people to get along! Our zero tolerance rules include: no discrimination, no violence or threat of violence, sexual harassment, theft, sex on the premises and unexcused absence or violation of curfews. We insist on constant consideration and respect for others.
6) Completion of daily household duties as assigned by unit captains (a well-run house is cleaned from top to bottom each day) as well as participation in weekly house cleaning.
7) Each resident is required to be financially self-supporting, paying their own lodging fee and purchasing their own food.
8) Lodgers are required to work, actively seek employment, or be a student enrolled in an accredited academic or trade school. Those who are permanently disabled and on federal, state or local assistance are required to become involved in service to Haven House or the community.
9) All new residents will complete a 30-day probation/restriction to acclimate to the environment and to maintain the safety for all Haven House residents.

- Do I have to complete a rehab program?
No, Not necessarily. We will accept you either way. Some people go through a structured rehab program while others do not. What is important is a desire to stay clean and sober.The structure provided at Haven House - while definitely less structured than many rehab programs - is such that each resident does remain accountable for their actions and accepts the consequences for the choices they make.

- What about curfews?

Unless work dictates otherwise, all residents must maintain curfews of 11:00 Sunday through Thursday and 12:30 am on Friday and Saturday.

- Can I get away on weekends?

One and/or two day passes are an earned privilege. If a lodger is current with rent and has maintained good standing with the residence, then they have earned the privilege of weekend passes with the understanding that they may be required to submit to a drug and/or alcohol test upon returning.

- Can I have visitors?

Sponsors are encouraged to visit at any time during non-curfew hours (between the hours of 9am and 10pm). Immediate family members are welcome during these hours as well. All visitors are required to sign in and out and must be introduced to either the unit captain or the general manager. Friends are also welcomed, however they must also be active participants in a recovery program and must follow the above guidelines.

- Can I have phone calls?

There are 2 telephones for general use. This includes outgoing Long Distance at no additional cost. All incoming calls are accepted except collect calls. Consideration of the other lodgers must be taken into account with regard to length of calls.

William Joiner - 562/901-1848 (For immediate response)

email: info@havenhousesoberliving.net